Electronic Parts Catalogs on your dealership web site.

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EzPartsĀ® Electronic Parts Catalog web includes extend the manufacturers catalog to distributor's and dealer's web sites. EPC web includes are eCommerce enabled and allow parts to be added directly to the dealer's or distributor's eCommerce shopping cart in most cases. Manufacturer data is embedded in the dealers or distributors web site, displaying the site branding and preserving the site layout. Seamless site integration strengthens the Manufacturer and dealer relationship by making accurate, up to date OEM parts data available on dealer and distributor sites, complete with add to cart.

Enable eCommerce

Customers who visit dealer and distributor sites are able to browse the Manufacturers Electronic Parts catalog and search by Model, Part or Serial Number. Additionally, site visitors can add parts to cart at the moment of part identification by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Up sell items, part replacement, and similar or related parts information can also be made available assisting the end user in making informed buying choices.

Schematics, bills of materials and parts data is included in line along side other content on the dealer's or distributor's web site. Parts that are identified by site visitors browsing the electronic parts catalog data are added directly to the web sites cart when eCommerce is enabled.

Copy and Paste

Dealer EPC web includes are easy to manage and implement through the dealer management interface. In most cases the electronic parts catalog web includes can be implemented by the dealer or distributor with copy and paste. This requires little or no actual coding.

Security and Control

The EzPartsĀ® Electronic Parts Catalog security model allows the manufacturer to determine exactly what electronic parts catalog data will be displayed or will be accessible on any specific dealer's or distributor's site. Manufacturers with multiple product lines or sensitive data in their electronic parts catalog can restrict what product lines, models, schematics, resources, notes and other data will be displayed and where.

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EzPartsĀ® electronic parts catalog web includes are integrated directly into Dealer Stores.
Dealer Stores have complete eCommerce and content management functionality built- in.