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EzPartsWeb V5
  Electronic Parts and Service Catalog
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  Electronic Parts and Service Catalog
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EzData V5
  Editing tools for maintaining your
Electronic Parts and Service Catalog

Dealer Stores
  Online Store Solutions for Distributors
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Integrated CMS Portals
  Customizable Content Management
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EzData Version 5.0 Editing and Management Tools

The EzParts parts and service software suite comes complete with all of the tools necessary to publish your parts and service data quickly and effectively. Systems Online is a strong believer in streamlining processes and minimizing total cost of ownership.

Over 90% of manufacturers who use EzParts and EzData pay for their implementation with manpower savings.

Due to the ease of use and empowering capabilities of the EzData tools most Manufacturers maintain their parts and service catalog data internally by their own staff. Select manufacturers exercise the option of having their parts catalog data maintenance tasks performed by Systems Online's data team.

Either option is available to each manufacturer. Systems Online works with the manufacturer to determine what best suits their needs based on their current processes. Additionally Systems Online works with each manufacturer to streamline and redefine processes to eliminate redundant and wasted efforts in technical publications and electronic parts catalog maintenance.

The tools available to manufacturers include:

EzData Electronic Parts Catalog Editing Tool

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog is easily updated and maintained using EzData the Electronic Parts Catalog Editing Tool. EzData is a full featured visual editor that supports both manual and automated resource hot spotting, Optical character Recognition and fully functional drag and drop capabilities. By working with large manufacturers to define effective work flow and import processes for maintaining electronic parts catalog data, Systems Online is able to provide what we believe to be the most intuitive, robust and powerful management, parts catalog editing and import tool in the electronic parts catalog industry.

EzImporter Electronic Parts Catalog Mass Update Tool

Unleashing the power of EzImporter electronic parts catalog bulk import tool provides manufacturers with the ability to mass import and mass update the EzParts Electronic Parts catalog data from their mechanical prints and drawings and other data sources with minimal interaction by data editing personnel. Clicking the import button causes EzImport to fetch external data and import it directly into your Electronic Parts catalog. All changes, modifications and updates are automatically processed. Parts callout hotspots are automatically generated for a wide variety of schematic resources. The mass import and update process can easily fit into your current work flow, significantly minimizing the man hours required to update your electronic parts catalog.

EzImporter Electronic Parts Catalog Command Line Tools and Wizards

The EzData Command Line Tools and Wizards allow data managers and It professionals to script a wide variety of update and editing functions against your electronic parts catalog. Tools and Wizards can be executed with or without human intervention.

EzScripting Library Components

The EzScripting Library Components allow data managers and It professionals to script completely automated updates for your electronic parts catalog. The Scripting Library can be utilized from within common script languages and executed with or without human intervention.

Compatible Applications:

EzParts is compatible with MOST CAD including but not limited to:

Pro/ENGINEER - PTC - Creo Parametric
Solid Works
Solid Edge

EzParts is compatible with MOST Desktop Publishing Applications including but not limited to:

CorelDraw / Ventura
Microsoft Office Publisher

EzData Vector Graphics Illustration sources can include:

.dxf, .dwg, .plt,
.hgl, .rtl, .hg,
.plo, .hp, .hp1,
.hp2, .hpg, .hpgl,
.hpgl2, .gl2,
.prn, .spl, .svg, .cgm, .pdf, .ps

EzData Raster Graphics Illustration sources can include:

.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg,
.png, .gif, .tif,
.tiff, .bw, .rgb,
.rgba, .sgi, .cel,
.pic, .tga, .vst,
.icb, .vda, .win,
.pcx, .pcc, .scr,
.pcd, .ppm, .pgm,
.pbm, .rla, .rpf,
.psd, .pdd, .psp,

Bill of Material sources can include:

.xls, .txt, .csv, .tab,
.mdb or other odbc definable data sources including external databases and business systems.

Additional resources can include any 3-rd party data or document file. This includes videos, documents, flash and other content types. This encompasses literally 1000's of different file types. If you are interested in supporting specific external file type not listed, please, consult our sales staff.

Low cost data conversion from competitors parts catalog products and proprietary data formats is available allowing you to leverage your legacy data.

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