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EzParts Version 5.0

EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog screen shots
When presentation, functionality and return on investment are important manufacturers have selected EzParts every time. EzParts has been the innovation leader in the parts and service industry for over 13 years. Many of Systems Online's ground breaking navigation and implementation schemes have been imitated "without success" by other software vendors. At Systems Online we know why we lead. We listen to our customers.

With EzParts Version 5.0 Systems Online has revolutionized the parts and service publishing industry once again. Manufacturers require faster, smarter and more intuitive tools as technology changes and evolve. At Systems Online we have continuously offered products with lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment. Version 5.0 of EzPartsWeb again drops the total cost of ownership to a record low while providing unparalleled functionality and results.

EzParts Electronic Parts and Service Catalog Software is available for catalog distribution Online and via CD/DVD and Electronic Media including SD Cards and memory stick.

The Online application functions as either a stand alone site or allows for seamless integration with existing manufacturer websites and "single sign-on" capability so users who log into your existing dealer or customer portal can easily access the appropriate parts and service information based on their security level without requiring a separate login to EzParts Parts and Service Catalog. screen shot

Viewers and Applications

EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Distributed Media Application

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Distributed Media Application is a self-contained commerce-enabled executable program that supports the Microsoft Windows platform. The Electronic Parts Catalog application provides a feature rich environment for interacting with manufacturer parts and service data. All major features of EzParts are standard in the Viewer application.

Additional application features include the ability for dealers to integrate with their internal business system, real time viewing of their internal business systems sales price and parts availability. EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Media Viewer Application can be integrated with manufacturer web services to provide extended parts information including real time pricing and parts availability data. Built in ecommerce functionality can be configured to send parts order directly to the manufacturers EzParts integrated eCommerce portal.

Typically the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Media Viewer Application is distributed on CD or DVD SD or USB media with a copy of the manufacturer's data set. Multiple security models provide the ability to control access to the data set by specific users or in general. The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Media Viewer Application can be designed to automatically expire on a specific date requiring the dealer to update according to the manufacturers policy.

Data updates can be delivered in any electronic media format or via the internet utilizing EzParts Remote Data Sync functionality.

Diagram of EzParts Viewer Application with Data from CD, DVD and EzUpdate

EzPartsWeb Server Electronic Parts Catalog

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Application provides all of the standard EzParts functionality making the parts and service data available over the Internet. No plug-ins or additional software is required. Common browsers are supported including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Application may be installed in-house by the manufacturers or by a third party web hosting provider. Additionally Systems Online provides hosting services located in Fremont California in conjunction with Hurricane Electric (Hurricane Electric now operates the largest IPv6 Internet backbone in the world.)

The distributed topology capabilities of the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Application allows real time data extraction of parts pricing and availability and customer billing and ship to data from the manufacturer's remote business system; as well as the ability to deliver eCommerce orders directly to that business system utilizing a variety of methods.

The database design allows multiple applications to share the same EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Data Source. A single datasource can serve the needs of the Web Server Application and your internal use of the the EzParts Media Viewer Application. There is no physical requirement for multiple data repositories for the different EzParts applications at one facility. The applications are robust multi-user and can all share data. With built in version control and the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Editing Tools, it is even possible edit live published datasets while they are being actively viewed by end users.

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Application is easily extended to allow the extraction, display navigation and filtering of historical order information from your business system. Dealers and customers can review their order history for open and closed orders including line item details and shipping confirmations.

Diagram of remote install

EzPartsWeb Server Administration

The EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Administration Portal provides each manufacturer with the tools they need to manage their users, enforce security and resource viewing restrictions and administer their eCommerce.

The EzPartsWeb Server Application is eCommerce centric and easily configured and managed from the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Web Server Administration Portal. With EzParts manufacturers have total control over the richest shopping cart environment available for the parts and service supply/support chain. Please review our eCommerce section for complete details about EzParts eCommerce capabilities and customizations.

EzUpdate Internet Data Sync

EzUpdate Internet Data Sync provides the ability for dealers and customers to utilize the EzParts Viewer application with media distributed via CD and DVD to acquire the latest updates to the manufacturers parts and service dataset via the Internet. Each dataset publication maintains a version stamp. Modifications to the dataset are internally tracked as they occur. Dealers can easily request an electronic update from the EzParts Viewer Application.

EzUpdates is compatible with single workstation and network installations. This functionality eliminates the requirement for the manufacturer to continuously publish and ship CD and DVD media to their dealers for remote viewing.

Image Matters

Maintain your corporate image with solutions that work. EzParts is the leader in eCommerce enabled Electronic Parts Catalog Software. The only robust and workflow friendly solution powerful enough to put your name on. Ask us about our private branding program. screen shot

Request A Demonstration

It is critical that when looking at any Electronic Parts Catalog Software that you see a COMPLETE demonstration of the functionality in question with your own eyes. Do not take any salesman's word for it. At systems Online we do not sell vapor-ware. We sell the most advanced Online Electronic Parts Catalog Software in the industry. No other Electronic Parts Catalog Software provider can compete with EzPartsWeb on price, functionality, ease of use, affordability of ongoing data maintenance or ROI. Other providers will attempt to mislead you and claim they can offer the same functionality. They do not, and we guarantee it. To our knowledge, we are the only Online Parts Catalog Software provider that stands behind our product with a 100% money back guarantee.


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